About us

Skol Ltd. is a family company, which, since 1998, continues the tradition of production of cross-country ski and ski bindings in the Dražice cooperative. Though this cooperative has been created already in 1900, the so called white sports didn‘t come to its mind until 1960 [you can learn more about it in the „hydro-electric power plant“ section]. But as you should understand the word „until“ is very relative in this case, because everybody can see that since that year 1960 there is a huge tradition to continue. But still we were not satisfied by producing only the bindings [that, by the way, holds the label Skol since those 1960‘s]. In the process we started to offer also different kind of goods specialized mainly on winter sports. But we offer some kind of summer sports equipment as well [visit our e-shop and make sure that there are many things to chose]. The good thing is that we have tested all our products by ourselves. Don‘t be afraid then to contact us and ask whatever you want. We will be happy to share our experiences with you.



Not disregarding the extension of our production mentioned above we are still mainly occupied by winter sports especially cross-country skiing. Actually - even the word „Skol“ [which is our label] is connected to this kind of sport very tightly. The word „skol“ is a special greeting of the cross-country skiers all around the world. It was first pronounced in Scandinavia - the place where people cannot imagine how to live without ski stuck to their feet. The word „Skol“ in their language means something like cheers in English but you can use it for wishing the safe journey up and down the mountain tops as well. And if – despite the good wishes - anything bad happens, you can follow the example of the old Vikings and you will be able to use the word „skol“ again. Really. The story goes that those Vikings clinked loudly the skulls of their beaten enemies filled with the then loved drinks to celebrate the victory. So cheers [skol] then! But to tell the truth it is maybe better to believe that „skol“ means hello foremost and then cheers as we used to say today.

A little bit more

We have a good message for all of you who are ready to return to our website regularly – every month we will have some kind of discount for you. The only thing you have to do is to look at our website in the right time and call us. Plus you are very welcome to enter our web discussion where you can contact not only our employees but you are able to communicate with each other as well. Your comments and remarks are very inspiring for us and we will be thinking about them every time we will start the development of our new products.

Enjoy yourself and… skol

Jan Luhan